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The touch of unknown magic is something that comes along with a perfect rug which embodies a whole mind-set, a system of life attitudes and a certain cosmovision.
The phantom world around carpets has been unfolding for centuries. Referring to the images of the eternal paradise imprinted in our subconscious back in the ancient times it still keeps us thrill with delight.
Studying the historical heritage of rug manufacturers of France, China and Iran, Tapis Rouge Atelier comes up with the geometric and symbolic concepts that have proven to be timeless.
Each rug is produced by the team of truly dedicated professionals who strive for perfection and create real pieces of art for soulful interiors.
Tapis Rouge Atelier’s rugs are based either on its own research or designed in collaboration
with well-known architects and artists. In both cases the Atelier’s DNA is in delivering complex multi layer colour schemes
and keeping proportions adhere to the golden ratio.
High quality standards are respected
at every point within the production process, from a sketch up to the last knot made in accordance with an ancient Tibetan tradition.
Tapis Rouge Gallery presents a selection of classic and contemporary designer rugs that went through a careful choice in terms of quality and artistic merit.


Rugs possess certain meanings, they carry their inner sense. With reference to Persian tradition a carpet has been associated with an ideal world, a heavenly garden.

French manufacturers taking after Persians have developed their own styles but still following the concept of eternity and bliss.

The modern vision of perfection is largely expressed in color schemes and abstract art that stand for serenity and harmony.


It’s been a long time since carpets were being ordered last at the final stage of the project — with their significant coverage of room surface they tend to play a greater and greater part both in terms of color and composition. While there are numerous tricks of using neutral shades for uniting interior elements and making it more comfortable, there are also many ways to add some drama or character to the whole set by choosing a saturated one.

It is more and more often that rug becomes a style-setter for interiors, as it defines the main theme and the rhythm along with organizing the space.


There are things in the world that go far beyond comprehension and explanation. As Picasso would put it: «Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird?» Hardly does one realize how exactly a carpet embodies the whole universal system or the notion of divinity, but there is always something unseen that catches the eye. The result of scrupulous work of talented designers and color specialists together with the careful hand craft of Nepalese weavers, it is also a highly valuable complex artisanal product.


This way or another a rug plays one of the main roles in interior drama.
Radiant with charm and the power of eternity it embodies the idea of the best place on earth.

The real quality lasts for ages and never fades.

It begins with the level of a rug’s sketch which sometimes might become noticeable in years from its production when one sees that it is truly timeless.

Another important step is converting the sketch into the weaving language. Design specialists form a detailed technical map, indicating each knot and leaving out all the odds.

Color experts prepare the scheme of fiber shades, as each carpet requires individual dying process, while complex combinations are made in a series of techniques.

The rugs made of natural materials demonstrate their nobility and longevity. Professional and fair approach towards production makes the product beautiful not only by appearance but also internally. Wool and silk possess a wide range of positive features both tactile and visual.

Коллекции Tapis Rouge Atelier’s collections are produced in Nepal
in accordance with an ancient Tibet technique, which provides them with a recognizable texture, high durability and density.

Each step of creation involves thorough research and a great deal of spiritual exploration which leaves the rug with a special touch and builds up unique experience.