Tapis Rouge English version
The power of home
I see God in you
This is a common greeting in the mountain range of Himalayas.
The ability to see things for real is a great gift and conscious choice.

Being here and now — no illusions, no substitutes.

Feeling self-confidence and trust in the people that we let into our life and in our home.

Feeling with every cell.

In search for inner balance we turn to the forces of nature.
This is how HIMALAYA collection is born, the essence of harmony and consciousness.

The combination of various shades and textures of silk, wool, nettle and hemp fibres — delivers the vision of breathtaking heights and volumes of mountain relief and makes the space appear wider.

All rugs are hand-crafted in Nepal in accordance with an ancient Tibetan weaving technique.

Himalayan Zanskar Ageless Allure

While the gravity pulls you down to Earth, the Himalayas elevate you up high.

The absolute clarity of mind and the purity of consciousness reach us among the ice peaks shining bright in the sun.

Himalayan Multani Clay

The glints of dawn on the snow-white slopes mark the birth of a new day.

It feels like a new life’s first breathing-in and a first clear-eyed glance at the world.

Himalayan Silver Chants

I am Air.

I am wind, breeze, and hurricane.

I am that which exists in you

As the breath that gently comes, that gently goes

Himalayan Ladakh Moonscape

I am space

I contain all,

From a grain of dust to the galaxy,

I am that which exists in you

As the space limited by the earth, water, fire and air.

That make up your physical being.

Himalayan Sutlej Radiant

Centuries-old mysteries of the frozen time ding in silver of the Himalayas glaciers.

To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.
Masaru Emoto
Himalayan Serenity Lake

When waves ripple across a lake, silt rises and the water becomes muddy. As soon as the storm calms down, silt gravitates to the bottom and the lake becomes clear once again.

Himalayan Eternity Lapse

Time waits for nobody, but forged by the ice it opens up the beauty of an instant.

I am water.
I am ocean, lakes, rivers and streams,
The rain that falls from the clouds,
And the dew on the petals of flowers.
I am that which exists in you
As blood and tears.
Himalayan Water Song
Himalayan Kuninda Kingdom Coin

The flames of sunset on rocky cliffs hide the inner power and fire raging in the bowels of the earth.

Here the heart of the universe beats and the impulse is born.

Himalayan Volcanic Saga

I am fire.

I come from the Sun, crossing the space,

To fall asleep in wood, in flint and steel.

I am that exists in you

As bodily heat and warm embrace.

Himalayan Meru North

Crystals of pink salt, granites and slates, placers of gold and minerals, brown coal, veins of marble, precious stones and uranium ores...

This treasury keeps not only rubies and emeralds, but also intangible riches of civilizations: myths, legends, parables and prophecies.

I am stone, metal and soil.
I am that exists in you
Like bones, muscles and flesh.
Himalayan Soil Song
Himalayan Sand Pebbles

Moving confidently step by step to the desired goal, keeping calm and cool — this is how in the ascent to the Himalayas the iron will and the steel character evolve.